Sturer Emil, 1/72, Trumpeter OOB

It was ment to be straight out of the box. Few more steps with dust, some more oils spots and will be finished.

The especially the equipment look very sterile and dummy but I'll live with that - It was ment to give me some fun with the big side plates.

6 komentarzy:

  1. It's really incredible for 1:72nd.scale modelling....Well done....!

  2. Bardzo fajnie wyszlo. Pozdrawiam

  3. I like it very much. Your Panzer Grey shades are perfect. Congrats!

  4. A great looking AFV. The weathering and added detail is very well done

  5. Thank You!
    I find the it was very difficult to make shifts in the Panzer Gey tone, as I was loosing or exceeding the blue value. But It was a great fun to achieve the contrast between vertical panels, dusted only and flat surfaces with some mud on it. It could be even raised by adding some grass or dried hay. It still don't have smaller details that make the model more vivid, but it was ment to OOB only :)
    Siara, dzięki!