Pz IV D/E Munitionsschlepper for Karl Gerat, Hobby Boss 1/72

Tonight I would like to present the following set of rare vehicle:

I started making it some 1.5 year ago. Shortly after taking everything together it looked like this:

 I added own thread and also the mesh for platform. Also I cut the sides of the cargo bay.
It was painted quite fast, but I hesitated for a long time to finish it. I wanted to make realistic projectiles for it.
I have finally made a nice method to weather them in a way that suits my imagination.
It was covered with silver acrylic agama paint, then I have masked the lines and sprayed  some Hair Spray.
After that I covered them with green acrylic and made all scratches with coctail stick and a modeller knife. It was covered then with dark MIG wash, which upon couple of minutes was cleaned gently with a piece of paper. Finally some pigments and drops of wash made it. Ok, let's go with the pictures:

And it really is a small one :)

Happy modelling!


Sturer Emil, 1/72, Trumpeter OOB final ver

Only few oils spots added. It still missed some details, but it have the overall look I was trying to achieve.

And now the gallery:

 And for size comparison:


Sturer Emil, 1/72, Trumpeter OOB

It was ment to be straight out of the box. Few more steps with dust, some more oils spots and will be finished.

The especially the equipment look very sterile and dummy but I'll live with that - It was ment to give me some fun with the big side plates.


Polish Fiat 508/III "Łazik" late ver. IBG Models 72008 [part 1]

It was very pleasing announcement to see 4 different versions of some small cars used by Army of 2nd Republic of Poland. It catched my thoughs, how beautifull it must have been at it's times. So I tried to build one for myself.

The box is quite big and contains 2 sprues, a piece of clear plastic, decals and instructions:

It take some time, some parts have to be rethinked how to allign them, but after few hours of work one can make such a small thing:

I have added a foil as a canvas, opened the engine bay, make license plates from piece of PS card.

And it is small... It could almost be hidden in the box for matches :)

I have to reconsider how to attach the spare wheels, and then the painting will begun.