Project Ostwind - the turret...

When I saw for the first time the awsome work of Alex Clark on his Wirberlwind, I was full of admire for his technical skills of PS cutting.

I also wanted to try myself something like this.
The turret of ostwind is a little bit less complicated. I bought a Part PE fret with the turret for having some kind of refference, and the building started :)

Just in case I made a copy of in paper and then I fit the builded flak. It suites quite well, and anything else I couldn't see. Then I cut the hexagonal base, and side panels. Side panels were later cut almost in a half, and fitted:

With flak:

After adding the top layer of panels:
Not all the panels fit well, some I have cutted. But the build is almost complete. Almost, because unfortunately the flak should be hidden completely under the edge of panels, and in my build it doesn't. For now I have to take some rest, and maybe ver. 2.0 of turret will be builded :)

Have You seen some other scratch builded Ostwind's in 72 scale?


2 More Tigers II :)

On the desk I have put two models of King Tiger II. One from Dragon, the other from Revell. One of it will be in ambush camo, the other one... maybe octopus camo?

Anyway, for some time it will be cats on my desk ;)

As for now, the one from Dragon looks like this:

I started with some weldes, periscope protections, handles at the hatches.
The PE mesh is from Voyager.
I plan for this one an ambush camo.

Still some work will be done...


King Tiger V1 prototype (porsche turret) almost finished

I have added finaly some dirt and liquid marks at the deck. Before some final gallery, I want to put it away for a while. Maybe I could think of some more weathering, but now I've run out of ideas...

If You like this model, it will be for sale.