Sturer Emil, 1/72, Trumpeter OOB final ver

Only few oils spots added. It still missed some details, but it have the overall look I was trying to achieve.

And now the gallery:

 And for size comparison:

5 komentarzy:

  1. Hey,
    good work with the mud in the running gear, same goes for the overall weathering.Interior kinda ehhhh...lets say not the best...but thats not your fault ofc.Some pe would have improved the overall look a lot i guess.

    Nice one Marcin!

  2. Keyvan, I do agree some scratchbuilding would add a lot not only to interior. By the way, I don't recall any PE set for this model, do You?
    The weathering of interior - I just give it a go and went on the smallest line of defence ;) certainly it could be made with more contrast in the terms of differentiating the parts in the interior. But I'm happy I could have finished it. Thank You for this comment, it means a lot for me :)

  3. Hello my friend,
    I dont recall any PE sets for this vehicle and i guess i know almost everything thats out there concerning pe^^

    Using the tools set of voyager for the holdings of the tools would be the first one i would have used.Guess for the rest theres nothing available meaning you would have to scratch it.

    And sometimes, thats just too much if you want a model ready for painting i guess hehe.

    Looking forward to your upcoming projects, keep up the good work!