T-70 (r) + 7.5cm PAK 40 / UM + Dragon 1:72 [part5]

Some further paintwork:

Still some small things to do, but it's 80% of work :)


T-70 (r) + 7.5cm PAK 40 / UM + Dragon 1:72 [part4]

Weathered schlepper:

And the PAK, base (a little bit to pink in shade, next time I'l take it into notice...):

Then after weathering:

Some more chipping, will be done


T-70 (r) + 7.5cm PAK 40 / UM + Dragon 1:72 [part3]

Black base:

Green then:


Then gloss floor varnish. And hairspray. I can't win with my aerograph... The sand lines should be much more fine...

Obtaining scratches etc:

Now decals, wash, varnish then filters...


T-70 (r) + 7.5cm PAK 40 / UM + Dragon 1:72 [part2]

I have added some details at the side of the hull, some "tool clamps" as well as clamps for spare tracks and reworked toolboxes:

I have put black primer on all and now i think about painting...


T-70 (r) + 7.5cm PAK 40 / UM + Dragon 1:72


During visit in one of mine favorite modelshop, I was granted for free a small bag with green plastic parts - It was incomplete UM model of one of its tank on T-70 chassis.
Then looking for an inspiration I found that photo:

Because i got for sime time at my workshop already built model of this cannon, I started to work on the turretless tractor:

I have replaced some parts, and also built one from few wooden cases.
I like such small project, soon next update...


Pz III L in winter dress, Revell 1:72 - Finished [Part 4]

Thank You for the comments and for watching the build. I have added antennae. And I've set my small studio to bring You some photos. Enjoy:

By clicking on the photo, You can view it magnified.

From a ground standpoint view:

Two more views of frozen-dried mud covered with fresh snow:

And finally for scale comparison. It was a lovely kit. I may recommend it to all modelers.

See You in the next posts at another builds!
As usually, Your comments are welcome!


Pz III L in winter dress, Revell 1:72 - tarpaulin and snow [Part 3]

I have added tarpaulin, oil leaks to the hull sides, some snow here and there.

And for comparison: