Pz IV D/E Munitionsschlepper for Karl Gerat, Hobby Boss 1/72

Tonight I would like to present the following set of rare vehicle:

I started making it some 1.5 year ago. Shortly after taking everything together it looked like this:

 I added own thread and also the mesh for platform. Also I cut the sides of the cargo bay.
It was painted quite fast, but I hesitated for a long time to finish it. I wanted to make realistic projectiles for it.
I have finally made a nice method to weather them in a way that suits my imagination.
It was covered with silver acrylic agama paint, then I have masked the lines and sprayed  some Hair Spray.
After that I covered them with green acrylic and made all scratches with coctail stick and a modeller knife. It was covered then with dark MIG wash, which upon couple of minutes was cleaned gently with a piece of paper. Finally some pigments and drops of wash made it. Ok, let's go with the pictures:

And it really is a small one :)

Happy modelling!

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  1. Fantastico !!! Complimenti . Great work

    Best regards Carlo Antonio

  2. I have selected you for the Stylish Blogger Award

  3. Hi there,
    your blog is amazing. I can learn a lot from you! Thanks. Some tutorials would be nice... :)