Polish Fiat 508/III "Łazik" late ver. IBG Models 72008 [part 1]

It was very pleasing announcement to see 4 different versions of some small cars used by Army of 2nd Republic of Poland. It catched my thoughs, how beautifull it must have been at it's times. So I tried to build one for myself.

The box is quite big and contains 2 sprues, a piece of clear plastic, decals and instructions:

It take some time, some parts have to be rethinked how to allign them, but after few hours of work one can make such a small thing:

I have added a foil as a canvas, opened the engine bay, make license plates from piece of PS card.

And it is small... It could almost be hidden in the box for matches :)

I have to reconsider how to attach the spare wheels, and then the painting will begun.

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