Tiger I from Kursk 1943, Zvezda 1/72

The Zvezda model is of very good quality among fast build models eq for wargamers.

I have added only PE mesh guards from Dragon kits (they fit very good).

I have used some Hair spray in order to get some smaller scratches. Finally I obtained:

It gave me nice ground for testing different methods. For sale on e-bay now: Clash of the titans - Kursk's Tiger I.

Update: One of my friends - Czak45 -  from polish modelling forums, made this photomontage:
Thank You Cezary!


Krupp Protze + 76 mmF-22USV (PAK 39 (r)) [part 4]

Chipping finished! First time I have managed to use properly very small brush. I'm satisfied with the results, but in the next model I wish It could be less monotonous (beside the smaller number of scratches).

In overall look it is not so visible:

So now I'll start some rusty chips, and begin mudding :)


Krupp Protze + 76 mmF-22USV (PAK 39 (r)) [part 3]

After adding oils (some dark blues in shadow areas and white with light grey for highlights). The PAK received some different green shades:

I wonder how You perceive the changes. Sometimes, if this step is not overdone it's so hard to notice changes, yet is visible overall. So now i may start with chipping. I like the slightly satin finish now - after chipping I would like to breake the averall satin finish and leave it only around frequently used areas - when the rest will be covered with matt dust etc. But it will be hard to reproduce the effect in photos. Stay tuned for updates :)

Krupp Protze + 76 mmF-22USV (PAK 39 (r)) [part 2]

So I have put a satin acrylic layer upon which I have added decals and made overall dark wash:

I used also this wash to start weathering the chassis:

Hope now I can fix all with satin varnish once again and I'll do some blending and aging with oils.


Krupp Protze + 76 mmF-22USV (PAK 39 (r)) [part 1]

It was ment to be another fast build project. The Krupp Protze Kfz. 69 was one of the numerous towing trucks used by Wehrmaht. I would like to depict one when towing captured 76mm russian cannon.
I made use of two models by Caesar Miniatures and ACE:

The Krupp Protze miniature is very nicely detailed kit, with quite a lot of parts. There are rubber tires and a figure of driver.

Some are oversized, some simplified, but overall it gives a lot of pleasure during building. Instruction images are too small sometimes. The ACE kit is of short-run technology quality. So it could vary from box to box.

 I have almost no problems with both of these kits, and altogether they went into this set:

 As can be seen, I've added some handles from plastic wire and simplified tool clamps. The PAK received traveling blockade, new ramrod and smaller details from plastic wire. It was ment to be pleasure, so I omit hundreds of bolts in the PAK.

I have on my mind two visions of the paint work. First one was Krupp with two tone camo: green stripes over Panzergrey with PAK in two or three tone russian camouflage and the second was plain Panzergrey with green PAK. I have chosen the second one, as I could try some tones differentiations. Finally I've arrived at this stage:
 So now I think about setting the decals and further weathering.


Pz III L in winter dress, Revell 1:72 - with small base [Part 5]

I have added small base to the vehicle. Maybe later on two figures will be added: the tank commander and one marching soldier.

And the base alone:

It is listed on e-bay now: Cold Winter Times... Pz Kpfw III ausf L in winter white wash, 1/72 Revell
You are invited to place bids :)


Demag D7 Sd. Kfz. 10 and PAK (r) F-22 in Africa - DAK

The Caesar miniatures kit is of good quality. Lot of parts, nice tracks. Some small things to correct, some details to exchange, but overall almost straight out of the box it makes a nice subject to work with.

A couple of hours and it was finished:

I have exchanged only the two canister holder frames. The notek light don't look good, but it was ment to be a fast built for focusing on painting only.

I wanted to make it in DAK - 41/42 two tones camo: panzergrey with patches of sand colour on it. I wanted also once more to take some advantage of Hair Spray method.

After base coat, and few different grey colours, and first chips of grey coat:

Then I have started washing out the sand layer - with water. I realise this metod is more and more controllable in my hands.

Now i look towards filters, details painting, and washes... Also I have already a PAK, but that... will be another story - as it is ACE kit :)