Pz III L in winter dress, Revell 1:72 - mud! [Part 2]

I have added some earth tones to the down hull (acrylic colours) and first layer of pigments:

More pigments will be layed :)


Pz III L in winter dress, Revell 1:72

I've made this build some months ago:

I did some small corrections - hooks on the tower, grab handles...

Then I put some Panzergrey and with standard hair spray technique I haze added white, then chipped with water and brush:

Then I put it on a shelf for some months... And yesterday a friend of mine gave me the inspiration I needed to continue work on it...
 Acrylic washes:

After that I have painted some tools, and started to adding some earth tones, again acrylics only:

Did I went to far? Let's check it on B&W photo:

Now I'll try to enter the hull and upper surfaces with pigments. Before this I would like also to weather the tracks in appropriate way.


3 x Famo and 21 cm Morser 18 [black priming]

A foto from the work bench...

The surface is so smooth... it's just MM acryl matt black...
Also a Dragon's Pz IV F got the first coat.

3 x Famo and 21 cm Morser 18

Build for quick project from africa - famo and morser. Two others - building one, so two more will be much more easily to build than separately...

And 3 x Famo from Revell. It's easy for me to kep the tracks and wheels separately. I've have some troubles with the lenght of the tracks, but it's easy to fix, and when building them around whells propably You would not encounter it.

The cannon will be finished in grey, and the famo in chipped sandtone.