Pz III L in winter dress, Revell 1:72 - with small base [Part 5]

I have added small base to the vehicle. Maybe later on two figures will be added: the tank commander and one marching soldier.

And the base alone:

It is listed on e-bay now: Cold Winter Times... Pz Kpfw III ausf L in winter white wash, 1/72 Revell
You are invited to place bids :)

5 komentarzy:

  1. Great snow effect how did you achieve it?

    Very, very impresive

  2. Cieszę się że podeszła - szkoda że nie zrobiłem fotki bez śniegu - miała sporo odcieni dość jasnej ziemi.

    The snow - it was made with chromatography gel - silica gel used for column chromatography - it absorbs very well any water or white spirit based resins. Here I have used water based first layer paint for priming the walls - available from any home depot stores.

  3. Marcin, I know it's been a long time since anyone posted here but I have a quick question on the silica gel. Can you tell me what mesh you used and whether it was irregular or spherical? Maybe share the brand so I can hunt for some? You succeeded in making a great show piece here. I only hope to get close to your result. Thanks!