Krupp Protze + 76 mmF-22USV (PAK 39 (r)) [part 2]

So I have put a satin acrylic layer upon which I have added decals and made overall dark wash:

I used also this wash to start weathering the chassis:

Hope now I can fix all with satin varnish once again and I'll do some blending and aging with oils.

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  1. And interesting Projekt and a verry good work so far. I´m looking forward for the weathering part. ;)

    best regards

  2. Hello Marc,

    It's a pleasure subject to set in one subject of such different origins. I have done oils now so after them I'll chip some paint of them :) However I like to introduce chipping at every step of painting - so chipping proceeds the aging of subject :)

    Best Regards,

  3. This is an incredible looking piece of work...even more so that the detail you have achieved in 1/72nd scale is that of much larger scales....and the painting so far looks wonderfull..I too look forward to the weathering

  4. Thats the first look at the new casear kits,are they good to work with?Yours is looking great already.