Krupp Protze + 76 mmF-22USV (PAK 39 (r)) [part 1]

It was ment to be another fast build project. The Krupp Protze Kfz. 69 was one of the numerous towing trucks used by Wehrmaht. I would like to depict one when towing captured 76mm russian cannon.
I made use of two models by Caesar Miniatures and ACE:

The Krupp Protze miniature is very nicely detailed kit, with quite a lot of parts. There are rubber tires and a figure of driver.

Some are oversized, some simplified, but overall it gives a lot of pleasure during building. Instruction images are too small sometimes. The ACE kit is of short-run technology quality. So it could vary from box to box.

 I have almost no problems with both of these kits, and altogether they went into this set:

 As can be seen, I've added some handles from plastic wire and simplified tool clamps. The PAK received traveling blockade, new ramrod and smaller details from plastic wire. It was ment to be pleasure, so I omit hundreds of bolts in the PAK.

I have on my mind two visions of the paint work. First one was Krupp with two tone camo: green stripes over Panzergrey with PAK in two or three tone russian camouflage and the second was plain Panzergrey with green PAK. I have chosen the second one, as I could try some tones differentiations. Finally I've arrived at this stage:
 So now I think about setting the decals and further weathering.

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