Demag D7 Sd. Kfz. 10 and PAK (r) F-22 in Africa - DAK

The Caesar miniatures kit is of good quality. Lot of parts, nice tracks. Some small things to correct, some details to exchange, but overall almost straight out of the box it makes a nice subject to work with.

A couple of hours and it was finished:

I have exchanged only the two canister holder frames. The notek light don't look good, but it was ment to be a fast built for focusing on painting only.

I wanted to make it in DAK - 41/42 two tones camo: panzergrey with patches of sand colour on it. I wanted also once more to take some advantage of Hair Spray method.

After base coat, and few different grey colours, and first chips of grey coat:

Then I have started washing out the sand layer - with water. I realise this metod is more and more controllable in my hands.

Now i look towards filters, details painting, and washes... Also I have already a PAK, but that... will be another story - as it is ACE kit :)

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