Project Ostwind - zimmerit on the hull of Pz IV G

The flak was assembled, and now it is waiting for some ideas what could be upgraded in it.
The Ostwind I want to make, will be the first produced prototype:

As was mentioned in the literature, after searching for the hull number, was assumed that hull cames from ausf G Pz IV. And so, I have finally find the way what to do with this very nice kit :)
Previous to the flak, I started adding zimmerit to the hull of Pz IV ausf G. I have made that with milliput white putty, and as this was done for the first time, I have made a lot of clumsy mistakes...

It was a good idea to cover some part of the wehicle with masking tape. When You work with putty, it will stick to the fingers, than of course it will went into the details in the kit. Next time I will wait some, maybe 1 hour, until the putty will became less sticky, then I will roll it to flat piece and applied it to the surface.

The MG ball mount and drivers vision port was also covered with masking tape.
I have forget not to glue the whells and suspension, the addition of zimmerit to the sides will be far from easy.
At the rear the pattern of zimmerit satisfied me, however at the front, I will add a spare tracks to hide it a little bit.

I will have to add also zimmerit to the fenders. Cheers!

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