Project Ostwind - 3.7 cm flak 43 from Maco

I'm keen on some tanks curiosities, rebuilded differently from their regular appearance, hence I always wanted to built Ostwind.

The old Hasegawa kit - I figure it out I dont have to buy this kit. I will try to build the first Ostwind, quite well documented.

The 3.7 cm flak will be taken from Maco SWS with flak set. It's a nice kit, with fine plastic parts, some of them are quite thin and have googd details.
The styrene that the parts of the flak were made from is white, unfortunatelly...
With this colour is quite hard to work, as it is hard to see the details...
So after longer time (the instruction sheet is for people that collected other  pictures of this flak) I have bulded the flak:

  The turret will be made from plastic and I will use Part's turret as a refference.
The hull will be from Dragon's Pz IV G, and currently I'm putting zimmerit on it.

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