Project Ostwind - the turret...

When I saw for the first time the awsome work of Alex Clark on his Wirberlwind, I was full of admire for his technical skills of PS cutting.

I also wanted to try myself something like this.
The turret of ostwind is a little bit less complicated. I bought a Part PE fret with the turret for having some kind of refference, and the building started :)

Just in case I made a copy of in paper and then I fit the builded flak. It suites quite well, and anything else I couldn't see. Then I cut the hexagonal base, and side panels. Side panels were later cut almost in a half, and fitted:

With flak:

After adding the top layer of panels:
Not all the panels fit well, some I have cutted. But the build is almost complete. Almost, because unfortunately the flak should be hidden completely under the edge of panels, and in my build it doesn't. For now I have to take some rest, and maybe ver. 2.0 of turret will be builded :)

Have You seen some other scratch builded Ostwind's in 72 scale?

2 komentarze:

  1. very creative!
    keep up the good work!

  2. It is my first try at such complicated work. I try to mobilise and to do the better version :)

    Still some issues at the turret to be done (some handles, small hatch, internal rib).

    Soon another update :)